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 Introducing the Ultimate Neck Strap – where safety, style, and versatility converge to redefine your riding experience. This innovative three-in-one neck strap is designed to enhance both your confidence and keep you as safe as possible while you are in the saddle.

Safety is paramount, and our Ultimate Neck Strap offers a unique solution. With the option to add a pair of D-ring connectors, you can prevent the neck strap from sliding out of reach, ensuring stability and security during every ride.

But that's not all – versatility meets functionality with the ability to add a girth connector, transforming the neck strap into a more comprehensive breastplate. This added feature provides extra support and stability. You can even choose to purchase a running martingale attachment if needed 

And let's talk style. Our Ultimate Neck Strap doesn't just prioritize function – it's a statement piece. Customize the wither piece to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a classic look or something a bit more personalized. Plus, for those who love a touch of glamour, add crystals to your neck strap and sparkle as you ride.

Discover the ultimate combination of safety, style, and versatility with the Ultimate Neck Strap. Elevate your riding experience and forge an unbreakable bond with your horse – because when it comes to riding, every detail matters.


Choose your Sizing and Wither Piece colour below.

D-ring attachemnets are one size, please contact us if you need a different size. 

Girth piece and martingale piece can be purchased seperately.



Ultimate Neck Strap - Colour

PriceFrom £40.00
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