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About Us: About Us

About Wolf of Well

Welcome to Wolf of Well, where passion meets practicality – your destination for crafting high-quality, fun, and functional BioThane leads, collars, and accessories for dogs, alongside premium equipment designed specifically for horses. We're thrilled to introduce our newly launched line, Hooves of Hampshire, where you can discover fillet strings, neck straps, spur straps, and more exciting products.


Why BioThane, you ask? It's a choice born out of meticulous consideration. BioThane doesn't weigh your furry companions down when wet, it's impervious to absorbing odours, and the ease of cleaning is unmatched. Lightweight and gentle on fur, it ensures a comfortable experience for your pets. The versatility of BioThane is showcased in an array of colours, ranging from muted browns and moody blues to vibrant pinks and gentle yellows. Your imagination sets the limit – customise any colour combination with hardware that perfectly complements your style.


Our commitment lies in delivering top-notch products that showcase impeccable craftsmanship while prioritising the comfort and style of your canine and equine companions. Explore our range and find the perfect combination of durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal for both your dogs and horses. As the founder, my journey began with a singular goal: to design equipment that not only dazzles with its aesthetics but also stands the test of practicality and durability. 


Each piece at Wolf of Well is not just a product; it's a manifestation of thoughtful design and craftsmanship. Personally designed and meticulously crafted by me, every item seamlessly blends style with resilience. The journey from concept to creation involves rigorous testing, courtesy of my spirited Northern Inuit, Winter, and my discerning PRE Levante. The prototypes endure the chaos of real-life scenarios, ensuring that your companions receive gear that's not just stylish but hard-wearing and easy to care for. But it doesn't stop there. Friends and fellow equestrians often join in, helping test new designs and contributing to the continuous improvement of our products. The result? Multi-functional, useful, and long-lasting items that stand up to the demands of your active lifestyle.

About Us: About Us

Colour, colour and more colour!!

Dive into the world of vibrant hues – it's all about colour, colour, and more colour! As a devoted horse owner, my affinity for matchy-matchy has evolved into a passion for mix and matchy, especially with my stunning black horse, Levante. Picking just one colour seems a tad dull when you have a canvas as magnificent as him. Hence, I adore seeing him adorned in complementary colours, with a special fondness for the bold and lively shades of Red and Yellow – a nod to his Spanish heritage!


My love for animals having 'their' colours extends beyond my horse. When searching for the perfect hues for Winter, my journey led me to crafting my own, igniting a creative spark that has become a true niche for me. What started as a personal endeavour has blossomed into a delightful venture, fuelled further by friends seeking customised pieces. Their requests have not only driven me to enhance existing leads and collars but also to explore the creation of entirely new items.


I am also thrilled to be introducing the unique aesthetic of printed BioThane. Picture intricate designs, vibrant patterns, and stunning motifs adorning our BioThane products. Printed BioThane adds an extra layer of charm, transforming functional gear into wearable art for your beloved pets. It's not just about utility; it's about making a statement.


At Wolf of Well, we promise a continuous variety of fantastic merchandise. Our collection includes unique limited editions and innovative custom items, catering to every budget. I love a good challenge, especially when it comes to creating a custom piece that perfectly aligns with your vision. Crafting bespoke pieces is where my heart truly lies. If you have a vision or a specific item in mind, don't hesitate to reach out – whether it's a casual question or customisation request, you can email me, I'm here to turn your ideas into beautifully tailored creations.


Thank you for being part of the Wolf of Well community, where style meets substance, and your pets get the quality they deserve.


Check it out and start shopping today!


What People Say

Claire, Hampshire

Having gone through countless expensive, albeit beautiful, tweed collars due to my two dogs propensity to roll in the remains (or worse) of other animals, I happened upon Wolf of Well. The collars are durable, handsome and most of all, jetwashable. No more having to wash collars in ketchup to remove that all too familiar fox poo aroma, or having to throw collars away because they stink of rancid dead badger. The collars come in a variety of sizes and colours and I’ve been very happy with mine which have already lasted twice as long as their tweed counterparts.

Chi, London

I absolutely love how much fun Marianne’s gear is! Very well-made and great service. She works hard to get it right and make products that are both functional and full of personality. Would recommend. Will be ordering again!

Amy, London

I found Wolf of Well through my dog training group, I saw a member with a long line holder one day it was genius and I knew I needed to order one asap!  

I was not disappointed along with the holder, I ordered a beautiful well crafted collar and lead I get so many compliments on walks . I picked bright colours and it always brings a smile even on rainy walks!

Another genius item I had to have is the safety strap, having witnessed a few trainings collars break, I added it to my order when I saw them on the Instagram account a must have item for all dog owners.

Last but definitely not least, I ordered a custom 6ft hand free adjustable lead with safety straps. It is the lead dreams are made of, Marianne remembered my love of colours and oh boy did she deliver colour and then some!! I am so happy with the lead and again receive so many compliments when out walking, even the hardware is colourful. 

But not only is it beautiful to look at it is so well made, with a boisterous 35kg Bully testing mine and its limits daily, I can safely say it is well worth the investment it is going to last and  look good for years. I have had mine for over 4 months now and its been to parks, forest and beaches, a quick wipe with a baby wipe and its like new again.

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